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Production Packages

The packages are sample options and can be further customized based on your project's needs. Pricing and specific details will vary depending on the production company and project requirements.

Basic Package

·         Pre-production planning and consultation

·         Script review and feedback

·         Location scouting

·         Professional camera and lighting equipment

·         On-set director of photography (DP) and camera operator

·         Sound recording equipment

·         Basic editing and post-production services

·         Final video file delivery in preferred format

 Standard Package

·         All services included in the Basic Package

·         Script development and revisions

·         Additional camera operators and assistant crew members

·         High-quality audio recording equipment

·         Professional voice-over services

·         Advanced editing and color grading

·         Custom graphics and visual effects

·         Licensed background music and sound design

·         Delivery of the final video in multiple formats (e.g., web, broadcast,             social media)

Premium Package

·         All services included in the Standard Package

·         Extensive script development and consultation

·         Production design and art direction

·         Customized set construction and prop sourcing

·         Drone footage and aerial cinematography

·         Steadicam and gimbal operation for smooth camera movements

·         High-resolution digital cinema cameras

·         Dolby Digital sound mixing and mastering

·         Professional actors or talent casting

·         Customized motion graphics and 3D animation

·         Distribution strategy and marketing consultation

Custom Package

·         Tailored to your specific project requirements and budget

·         Collaborative planning and brainstorming sessions

·         Unique and creative concept development

·         Specialized equipment and crew as needed

·         Customized post-production services and effects

·         Individual pricing based on project complexity and duration

·         Additional services, such as behind-the-scenes footage, making-of documentaries, or promotional trailers

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