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Terrance Anders


Terrance Anders is a California native. He was born in San Jose, California and has been a Sacramento resident for over 20 years.

He is committed to the continued business development of the Bay Area and Sacramento regions and is passionate about building awareness around artists and creatives alike and ensuring the expansion of the digital footprint of creative curators.

Of particular importance, is Terrance’s love of animation, music and the narrative experience which he has used as a vehicle to unite individuals both in his personal and professional lives and in his community building quests.


While you can tell he is passionate about client success, he has demonstrated customer service and management experience to validate it.

Supporting businesses that foster creativity and the freedom of expression is part of Terrance’s life’s work. He has spent over 15 years supporting businesses in the service industry which has allowed him the unique ability to analyze the importance of customer experience and identify potential issues from all sides.

As a social entrepreneur, he is recognized for his honest, thought-inspiring commentary and inquisitive nature. It is Terrance’s passion for film and music combined with his 15 year background in customer service and community organizing which makes him effective in the role of Studio Manager at Blk. Screen Productions. He has demonstrated a consistent entrepreneurial drive with an innate tenacity for development, efficiency and innovation.

Blk. Screen relies on Terrance’s expertise to foster a heightened customer experience based on his efficient and strategic approach with all projects.

Terrance is a visionary and his solid interpersonal skills are part of the foundation of Blk. Screen’s brand identity and the cornerstone of our personalized experience.

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