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Isaiah Frazier


Isaiah Frazier was born and raised in Sacramento native and is committed to growth of creatives and creative outlets in the Sacramento Valley.

He is a passionate videographer with superior editing skills and a strong background in audio engineering and creative video production.

Always seeking new experiences and increased knowledge, Isaiah’s journey as a life-long learner with a focused interest in music and the visual arts began at the age of six.

He grew up in a church environment where music was a central part of his life. He began playing drums at age six and moved on to playing the piano. He pursued audio engineering out of high school and has always had a desire to learn more about being behind the camera haven grown up in front of the camera with his church related activities.

His concentration, creativity, efficiency, and overall flexibility combined with his natural inquisitive spirit and desire to learn is what led him to investigate the video production arena. In 2020, he began a crusade to learn as much as he could about video production industry and process recognizing the shift going on in with technology in our country and the fact that video production offers both entertainment and self- expression . Isaiah is self-taught, producing his first video in 2020 and having spent the past five years educating himself on the succes


Isaiah is an amazing collaborator, utilizing his effective communication style to foster effective external, internal and vertical collaboration.

Isaiah is particularly adept in the post-production experience which are best reflected in the grammy award winning video, “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?”.

His ability to use the video camera to bring any musical or narrative experience to life is vital to Blk. Screen’s business growth.

He constantly looks for opportunities to learn more about his field and to ensure that Blk. Screen is utilizing the latest technology and trends.

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